AquaGear Dry Top Snorkel Set for Kids
AquaGear Dry Top Snorkel Set for KidsAquaGear Dry Top Snorkel Set for KidsAquaGear Dry Top Snorkel Set for KidsAquaGear Dry Top Snorkel Set for KidsAquaGear Dry Top Snorkel Set for KidsAquaGear Dry Top Snorkel Set for KidsAquaGear Dry Top Snorkel Set for KidsAquaGear Dry Top Snorkel Set for Kids

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Ideal for the beaches, heading away on holidays and everything else in between, the AquaGear Snorkel Set for kids is perfect for kids from 6 - 12 years old. Made from 100% silicone with tempered glass lenses. The large lenses is resulting in a wide range of vision. It is super comfortable when worn for a long length of time. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable mask that does not fit correctly as it will only get worse after time. The snorkel piece that comes with it is also made from silicone with an extra comfortable mouthpiece. A purge valve under the mouthpiece allows water to be blown out easily and a dry top technology to prevent water from entering the snorkel. It is a great pick and a great quality snorkel set at an affordable price.


Innovative Dual Way Purge Valve

Dry Top snorkel prevents water from coming in, helps you breathe smoothly in the undersea world. The bottom of the snorkel with a purge valve can help you expel any water from the inside of the tube, just simple exhales.

For Junior and Kids 

For age from 6 - 12 years old, fully adjustable head straps(easy-adjustment buckle with just pinch and pull) and a high-grade silicon face skirt which molds to fit kid's face shape. The ribbed design provides extra support and ensures a water-tight seal.

Tempered Glass Lenses

4 mm thickness of tempered glass makes it strong enough for the pressure of water. Scratch resistance lenses prevents from accidental scratches and remains high clarity. 

Lightweight & Comfortable

Hard mask frame with 100% soft silicone skirt, enables you to feel fit with no leaking when snorkelling.

Safe Materials

The mask and snorkel are manufactured using food-grade silicone so it has no peculiar smell. The silicon mask provides maximum comfort and the silicon mouthpiece helps prevent jaw fatigue.

* The mask works best in a water temperature between 18-45 degree celsius. If the water is really cold, there is a chance it could fog up as the body temperature is way too different to the water temperature. We always suggest our customer to try this trick.Mix 3 portion of water with 1 portion of baby shampoo in a small spray bottle and spray to the vision area on the inside of the mask, then leave it on before using. 

Using a commercial anti-fog solution helps reduce the surface tension on the mask which will help eliminate condensation from forming. You can check out some commercial solutions here.


  • Quality 4mm Tempered Glass Mask
  • Hypoallergenic Soft Silicone + PVC TOP + Polycarbonate


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