UFLOAT Use and Care Instructions

Follow these tips to ensure your UFLOAT PFD stays in good condition:

  1. Don’t alter your lifejacket. If yours doesn’t fit, get one that does. An altered pfd may not save your life.
  2. Don’t put heavy objects on your pfd or use it for a kneeling pad or boat fender. Lifejackets lose buoyancy when crushed.
  3. Let your pfd drip dry thoroughly before putting it away. Always stow it in a well ventilated place.
  4. Don’t leave your pfd on board for long periods when the boat is not in use.
  5. Never dry your pfd on a radiator, heater or any other direct heat source.
  6. Put your name on your pfd if only you wear it.
  7. Practice throwing your Type IV lifejacket. Cushions throw best underhand.
  8. Follow the washing instructions on the label. Most pfd’s can be washed by hand in a mild detergent and hung to dry in a well ventilated area out of any direct sunlight.

How to Wash your UFLOAT PFD:

Step 1
Wet your life jacket with the hose. Life jackets always benefit from a good rinse. Spraying your jacket down with a hose will remove any large impurities or surface dirts before washing the jacket in standing water.

Step 2
Fill wash bucket with cold water and mild detergent. You want to use less detergent than you would for an equivalent item of clothing. The idea is to have mildly soapy water that will disinfect your life jacket but not be too harsh on the specialized materials.

Step 3
Scrub mildew and stain areas with a coarse brush.

Step 4
Focus on the straps. Use the brush or sponge to scrape out grit from clips. Tighten and loosen the straps a few times to work out any dirt that might be trapped between the plastic clips and the fabric straps. During cleaning is a good time to check for fraying and other wear around the straps.

Step 5
Dunk vigorously, and wash the surface with a sponge. This should be enough to remove minerals and salts that build up on the surface of your life jacket after use.

Step 6
Rinse with the hose and high-pressure nozzle. Rinse thoroughly to make sure that all the detergent has been removed from the jacket.

Step 7
Hang your life jacket to dry in a shaded but well-ventilated location. Sun and heat can warp the flotation material and fabric, so make sure never to use artificial means of drying or sun drying. Store only after the jacket is completely dry.