Questions about the AquaMask

There is no point to argue that there are hundreds of snorkel masks out there in the market. However, not all of them provide comfort and safety as how our AquaMask does. AquaMask by AquaGear is a snorkel gear that will give you the best snorkelling experience ever.

180 degree panoramic visibility

Visibility is essential for a great snorkelling experience. With our great innovation, AquaMask provides 180 degree panoramic visibility so you can enjoy your underwater experience with an unobstructed 180 degree field of vision.

NO more mouthpiece

Conventional snorkel mask only allows breathing through the mouth with an annoying mouthpiece. This is one of the main reasons people don’t enjoy snorkelling as much as they should do.

AquaMask is a full face snorkel mask that allows natural breathing through your nose and mouth just as easily and naturally underwater as you would do while on land.

Anti fog design

Nothing is worse than having to deal with a mask that is continually fogging up.

With AquaMask, fogging is reduced by 90%. Our airflow and circulation concept separate breathing chamber that allow breathing through your nose which will then reduce chances of fogging and provide best snorkelling experience.


Silicone lining contours plus textile straps help providing a more secure fit and improve the sensation of comfort allowing you to remain snorkelling indefinitely.

Adjustable elastic strap doesn’t pull off your hair.


Snorkel tube is highly visible and can be seen from 4 times further away than a conventional tube. This really improves safety especially in an emergency situation.

Dry snorkel technology

With this dry snorkel technology, your face will never get wet while snorkelling. A special designed valve at the tube will close off to stop seawater from entering the mask while diving. One way chin valve at the bottom will also help to drain water off the mask when you lift your head out of the water. You can go underwater completely with no water coming inside the mask.

With these great features and innovation of AquaMask, snorkelers spend longer time enjoying snorkelling compared to when conventional snorkelling gear is used.

No, AquaMask is specifically designed for surface snorkelling and not for free diving. You cannot dive down with AquaMask. When you free dive, you need to equalise the pressure. Equalising requires you to hold your nose and blow air into your ears to balance the pressure of the ears. With AquaMask it is impossible to equalise because there is no access to your nose.

Please refer to our sizing chart page.


It is essential to choose a size that is suited to the shape and size of your head. The AquaMask which is too small will not provide an optimal level of comfort; The AquaMask which is too big could result in water leaking into the mask.

Available in 3 sizes (XS for kids, S/M and L/XL) which cover 90% of men’s and women’s faces throughout the world (European, Asian, etc.) and 1 kid size.

Step 1: With your mouth closed, measure from the bridge of your nose to bottom of your chin.
Step 2: If the measurement is less than or equal to 4.7 inches (12 cm), choose S/M size.
Step 3: If it is greater than 4.7 inches (12 cm), choose L/XL size.
Note: The Junior size (XS) is for kids (5-11 year olds). The measurement is less than 3.9 inches (10 cm).

With AquaMask, fogging is reduced by 90%. Our airflow and circulation concept separate breathing chamber that allow breathing through your nose which will then reduce chances of fogging and provide best snorkelling experience. The mask works best in waters ≥ 18°C and fogging is based on the fact that the air breathed in and out is projected onto the vision area. To solve a problem, you have to adjust the strap to make sure the mask is well sealed. Breathing slowly through your nose helps reduce chances of fogging.

It is essential to wash your AquaMask by hand with washing-up liquid after each week of use. The window of your mask gets dirty due to salt water and the sun and eventually fogs up your mask.

The mask works best in a water temperature between 18-45 degree celsius. If the water is really cold, there is a chance it could fog up as the body temperature is way too different to the water temperature.

We always suggest our customer to try this trick.

Mix 3 portion of water with 1 portion of baby shampoo in a small spray bottle and spray to the vision area on the inside of the mask then leave it on before using.

Swimming requires a lot more effort than snorkelling, just as running requires a lot more effort than walking. Swimming training needs a significant amount of oxygen and your body will automatically switch to intensive mouth breathing. At this point, breathing with AquaMask would become very uncomfortable.

Beards can be responsible for letting in significant amounts of water. We recommend that men shave their beards before using AquaMask because the hairs can break the seal between the silicone skirt of the mask and your skin.

Questions about the Spivo Stick

The Spivo Stick is designed to mount all cameras, just like a universal tripod. The mounting screw is a standard 1/4″-20 screw which allows you to mount any light weight camera. The following cameras can be mounted on the Spivo Stick:

GoPro Cameras: GoPro® HERO [3, 3+, 4, or 5], GoPro® Session.

Action sport cameras: Sony Action Cam and Action Cam Mini, Garmin Virb X and Virb XE, Contour +2, Roam 2 and Roam 3, iON Air Pro, Pro 2, Pro 2 Speed Pro, and Pro Lite, WASPcam, Drift HD Ghost, Polaroid Cube and XS100i + More.

Smartphones can be mounted using our Phonemount, it can fit phones and cases up to 3.4″ (86mm) wide and 0.47″ (12mm) thick.

Other: Compact cameras, point and shoot, and other light weight cameras can be mounted to the tripod screw if they way less than 450g (1.0lbs).

For even more details read this article.

Absolutely! We wanted your Spivo Stick to go wherever you do, and that includes underwater. Take your Spivo Stick in the rain, swimming, or even scuba diving up to 200m. When using your Spivo Stick in saltwater, it is imperative to rinse your Spivo Stick thoroughly with fresh water after exposure to any saltwater environment. For cleaning instructions click here.

The Spivo Stick is not extendable and is not telescopic for many reasons. The one-piece construction of the Spivo Stick has much less moving parts and mechanisms than other sticks. This ensures the Spivo Stick is as strong as possible, all the while being extremely light. In fact, the Spivo Stick weighs as much as the average smartphone. Once the camera is mounted, the Spivo Stick also does not require any setup, which can often be the difference between getting that epic shot, or not. Furthermore, as there are fewer moving parts, many enthusiasts see this as an advantages since sand, dust, dirt and snow can often compromise a sticks extendable ability.

For GoPro and action sport camera users you can: take timed photos, take screenshots from your videos, use a smartphone app to control the camera, use the voice control with the new GoPro hero 5, or mount your camera’s remote to the Spivo Stick (GoPro remotes are not sold here).

For Smartphone users, make sure to get the Phonemount+Bluetooth Remote. You can mount the remote to the Spivo Stick to control your Smartphone.

Every Spivo Stick comes with instructions, one wrist strap, and one GoPro adapter (works with many other action sport cameras).

The Phonemount and bluetooth remote are sold separately, get it here.

For water adventures we highly recommend pairing your Spivo Stick with the Floaty (COMING SOON), which is an EVA foam flotation device to protect your investment and your memories. The Floaty is specially designed to keep your Spivo Stick and most cameras afloat. If you are using any other device other than GoPro cameras, it is recommended to test the buoyancy of the Spivo Stick with the paired camera in a safe place.

It’s very easy to mount any camera to your Spivo Stick. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We think videos are worth even more! Watch our How-To-Video to learn how.

Or read these quick instructions: start by screwing on the camera onto the tripod screw with at least 3 full rotations. Align the camera and hold it in place, then screw the orange thumbnut counter clockwise to tighten it up against the camera.

This can happen if the camera wasn’t installed properly. Make sure to screw the camera onto the tripod screw making at least 3 full rotations. Align the camera so that it is straight, hold it in place, and screw the orange thumbnut counter clockwise up against the camera until it is tight.

For further instructions you can watch this instructional video.

For proper rinsing procedures please watch this our how-to-video on how to clean your Spivo Stick to get it working like new again.



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